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Race, Fear of the Other, and the Quest for Communion

As I noted in a recent post, the dialogical approach to building community involves listening to the voices of different others–differences that enrich rather than divide. Yet, recent events in Ferguson, Baltimore, Charleston, and elsewhere suggest that our fear of differences, our fear of the other, make the project to build community with different others very challenging, maybe even quixotic. In “Looking White in the Face”, George Yancy observes that the question …read more

A Front Porch Take on Church and Culture

As the Director of the Front Porch, who also happens to be an Episcopal priest, I’m often asked about the role of The Front Porch in relation to the Church. In fact, the Rt. Rev. Andrew Doyle, the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, recently asked me that question! So, here are some of my recent thoughts in response to such questions: While many of us in the church feel …read more

Meet Riley Webb on the Front Porch

Hi, folks! Some of you may know me, and I’m sure many of you do not, but my name is Riley Webb, and I’ve been working on The Front Porch since July 2014. Growing up the son of educators in unique Fredericksburg, Texas, I was formed in a close-knit community that placed unique emphases on art and storytelling, and found early in life passions for acting, reading, writing, and playing …read more