• andrew fontenot outside with crowd
  • terri and lloyd
  • parable group soliloquy
  • unplugged outside
  • swk at unplugged
  • good back shot of MF
  • Tamir and Claire
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PARABLE: Religion, Shakespeare, Beer, Jung, and Faith

Our dear friend, Christine Havens, reflects on her experience of Parable, the Front Porch’s pub church on November 23, 2014: “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet,” Shakespeare’s Juliet says in her monologue, as Romeo listens, hidden. Juliet’s lament over Romeo’s name, denoting, or perhaps connoting, his membership in a family with whom Juliet’s family is in blood …read more

Thank YOU Indiegogo Donors!

We are celebrating those of you who have given to our crowdfunding campaign! We are raising $30,000 in 50 days to fund next year’s community building programs on the Front Porch. In just five days, as of today, we’ve raised $4273, thanks to the following funders: Jim and Karla Man, Cissy Warner, Barry Barksdale, Matt Dow, Mark Winter, Dan Renner, Patricia Boyce, Mimi Parris, Martha Randolph, and Katy Harris. Please consider …read more

Here’s the deal with the Indiegogo Campaign

The Front Porch wants to make a positive difference in Austin. How? By showcasing beautiful people and giving voice to inspiring ideas, by hosting interesting conversations that bring people together to talk across their divides, and–with your support–by creating a pub, cafe, and event space in Austin that enables us to do this every day of the week. This would be like a postmodern church in the public square for …read more