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Torn Between Pride and Despair

The great 20th century philosopher Hanna Arendt wrote a famous book entitled The Human Condition. You may have read it in college. Philosophers, theologians, and essayists of all sorts make mention of “the human condition” from time to time. It can sound pretentious when we talk about it at a cocktail party, and maybe it is, sometimes. But it is an idea we can’t get along without: all of us …read more

Monday, July 28th

Happy Monday, Front Porchers, and happy birthday to the Kennewick Man; it’s either his eighteenth or his nine thousand seven hundredth-ish, depending on how you look at it. Anyways, thanks to everyone who came out to Parable last week to hear Evan Smith and John Burnett’s conversation. We sure enjoyed it, and we hope yall did too, even with the crowds. We’re doing it again next month with screenwriter, actor, and …read more

Monday, July 21st

Happy Monday, Front Porchers, and happy 115th birthday to Hart Crane and Ernest Hemingway. While it’s pretty astonishing that two of the modernist movement’s greatest writers were born on the same day, it’s not so surprising that a lot of you made it to Parable yesterday (how’s that for a segue?), where we heard real wisdom about hope and despair from Evan Smith; check out TWC News’ video for one …read more