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Meet Riley Webb on the Front Porch

Hi, folks! Some of you may know me, and I’m sure many of you do not, but my name is Riley Webb, and I’ve been working on The Front Porch since July 2014. Growing up the son of educators in unique Fredericksburg, Texas, I was formed in a close-knit community that placed unique emphases on art and storytelling, and found early in life passions for acting, reading, writing, and playing …read more

A New Look for Unplugged

Just over a week ago, Front Porchers had the chance to once again host Sam Baker in our Unplugged on The Front Porch listening room. If you want to relive the action, or you missed the amazing conversation between Steve and Sam that night, check out this marvelous write-up from Elizabeth Williams. One of many behind-the-scenes maestros who help make Unplugged a reality each and every month, Liz has conjured …read more

Amplify Austin This Weekend, March 5th-6th!!!

Ahoy, Front Porchers! If you’ve been around The Front Porch at all these past few weeks, chances are you’ve witnessed some pretty spectacular stuff. In January, we met Michael Morton, who showed us his take on humanity and forgiveness. Christine Albert and Pittman McGehee have joined us for Parable, and Sam Baker will be on our Unplugged stage on March 19th, the next in a long line of Austin’s best …read more