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Amplify Austin This Weekend, March 5th-6th!!!

Ahoy, Front Porchers! If you’ve been around The Front Porch at all these past few weeks, chances are you’ve witnessed some pretty spectacular stuff. In January, we met Michael Morton, who showed us his take on humanity and forgiveness. Christine Albert and Pittman McGehee have joined us for Parable, and Sam Baker will be on our Unplugged stage on March 19th, the next in a long line of Austin’s best …read more

Is God the Good We Do? (A reflection on last month’s PARABLE)

WE THANK CHRISTINE HAVENS FOR THIS POST ON PARABLE, OUR MONTHLY PUB CHURCH AT SCHOLZ GARTEN. Writing, especially poetry and theology, resides deep in my soul. It makes me ache—words make me ache. The finitude and infinitude of language, and the power of that paradox make me ache. Speaking for myself, then, I felt discomfited as our guest seemed to dismiss those things that are much of my lifeblood—poësis and metaphor. …read more

Listen to Pittman McGehee’s Parable Talk Here!

If you were worried that you wouldn’t get a second chance to listen to Pittman McGehee’s incredible words of wisdom from our Parable event on February 8th, fear no more! Here’s the whole thing for you to listen to! Don’t forget that there are still at least two more chances to hear Pittman talk on The Front Porch. Join us the second and fourth Sundays in March at 5:30 PM …read more