Pub Church: “The Beauty of Contemplation” with Jeff Genung and Ali Holder

Date and Time

Sunday, April 9th
5:30 PM


Scholz Garten
1607 San Jacinto Blvd.
Ausin, TX 78701


Entrepreneur and Senior Executive, Jeff Genung, has participated in contemplative experience as a daily practice for over 25 years. His multifaceted study of contemplative practice–Genung has devoted a significant portion of his learning to contemplative experience through the lenses of many legit practices in monasteries, ashrams, and temples across the US and India–has, most recently, led him to found and captain local nonprofit, Contemplative Life, which focuses on that same “exploration of contemplative experience, connecting people with practices, and building community.” Now, he’ll join us at pub church for this dialogue about his area of expertise, and specifically, The Beauty of Contemplation. 

KUTX calls Ali Holder an “an individual with a love for words and storytelling.” Based in Austin, Holder has a bi-monthly residency in the Music Capital, but also spends a few months of the year touring. Texas Monthly refers to her music as “whiskey-soaked pieces of sad country-influenced songwriting that recalls Lucinda Williams and Ryan Adams.” No Depression says, “Holder shows a solid grasp of what makes a good song… her songs are personal and intimate but feel like songs we can all share.” Come for the dialogue, stay for this mini-concert with another of Austin’s finest voices.

Pub Church stats at 5:30 PM in the backroom of Scholz Garten. The second half of the conversation is opened up to the congregation as a roving microphone gives voice to all who wish to comment, question, and share their perspective. At the end of the discussion, a radically-open Communion service is always offered.

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