Pub Church: “The Beauty of the Transcendent” with Frank Richardson and Raina Rose

Date and Time

Sunday, March 26th
5:30 PM


Scholz Garten
1607 San Jacinto Blvd.
Ausin, TX 78701


UT professor, renowned scholar, and charter member of The Front Porch, Frank Richardson, contemplates transcendence most days in his continuing quest to educate both himself and his students. Frank’s PhD–earned at Colorado State in 1971–is in Educational Psychology, but when you see how many fields to which he’s applied this learning, you’ll find that his expertise can’t be explained so generally. In the course of his devoted career as an academic that spans four decades, Frank has researched and published works on everything from counseling, social and philosophical psychology and behavioral psychology to education, theoretical psychology, and more. These culminate in his specialty, critical social theory, a more philosophically grounded aspect of the social science that has led Frank and his colleagues more and more toward exploring how psychology, culture, and religion intersect and interact. This talk should fit Frank’s mind like a glove: we can’t wait to hear him drill down on the transcendent with Steve this last Sunday in March.

With a naturalist’s eye, an artist’s pen, and a lion’s attack, Raina Rose makes you feel as if she’s your best friend, warmly inviting you into a joyfully intimate and darkly candid musical conversation. Having grown up in a Portland house alive with ‘60s pop and good ole’ fashioned country music, Raina has toured the country for the last ten years, dazzling audiences all over.  Now married to bass player, Andrew Pressman (Jimmie LaFave, Sam Baker, Ben Kweller, Carrie Elkin) and a mother of two young boys, Raina tours less often and more succinctly. We’re so lucky to have her here for pub church!

Pub Church starts at 5:30 PM in the backroom of Scholz Garten. The second half of the conversation is opened up to the congregation as a roving microphone gives voice to all who wish to comment, question, and share their perspective. At the end of the discussion, a radically-open Communion service is always offered.

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