Pub Church: “The Beauty of Dance” with Stephen Mills and Shawnee Kilgore

Date and Time

Sunday, May 7th
5:30 PM


Scholz Garten
1607 San Jacinto Blvd.
Ausin, TX 78701


Stephen Mills is a dancer and choreographer who currently holds the position of Artistic Director/Choreographer at Ballet Austin. Under his tenure, Ballet Austin has been invited on four separate occasions to perform at the J.F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. As a dancer, Mills performed with a wide variety of companies such as the Harkness Ballet, The American Dance Machine, the Cincinnati Ballet and The Indianapolis Ballet Theater before becoming a part of Ballet Austin 1986. As a choreographer, Mills achieved his first work, Red Roses, to the music of Edith Piaf in 1989 for Ballet Austin. Since, he has created more than 50 works for companies all around the world. In 1998, Mills was the choreographer chosen to represent the United States through his work, Ashes, at Les Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis in Paris. Most recently, Mills was awarded the Steinberg Award, the top honor at Le Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur International Choreographic Competition for One / the body’s grace.

Shawnee Kilgore moved to Austin from Bellingham, WA in 2010. The release of A Long and Precious Road in 2015 earned her a place among Texas Music Magazine’s albums of the year, as well as being named their #1 Songwriter of Distinction followed by Kacey Musgraves and Leon Bridges. The album features some of Austin’s finest—folks like Matt the Electrician and Danny Schmidt, whose music she has loved for years, and who now feels the same way about hers. Since, she’s made an even more noteworthy celebrity connection: in October 2016, she released a collaboration album with Hollywood’s Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Avengers, Cabin in the Woods) titled, Back to Eden. Still, Shawnee would be the first to tell you that the boots you just complimented her on cost $3 at a thrift store. We’re really looking forward to meeting Shawnee and spotlighting her songwriting prowess on the Porch this May.

Pub Church stats at 5:30 PM in the backroom of Scholz Garten. The second half of the conversation is opened up to the congregation as a roving microphone gives voice to all who wish to comment, question, and share their perspective. At the end of the discussion, a radically-open Communion service is always offered.

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