The Sun Rising

Over the past five weeks, Art and the Other sought to explore art as a lens through which we come to better see and understand those we often perceive as different from ourselves.  By all accounts, this really happened. At the least, it seems like Art and the Other proved the following points:

1. When people come together and take the time to dwell with Art in all its varied forms, something is seen and recognized (at least made fresh!) in ways that were not seen before.

2. To improvise from Ken Burns’ great documentary on JazzThe real power of [The Front Porch], the real innovation of [The Front Porch] is that real people can come together and create art, improvise art, and negotiate their agendas with each other. And that negotiation is the art.

3.  Those of us on The Front Porch need to keep finding new venues and subjects that bring folks together to think, talk, and create.

Thank YOU for your support and participation on The Front Porch! With your continued support, we will be able to do what we want to do every day of the week.

Again, to adapt and paraphrase Ken Burns’ Jazz:  [The Front Porch] rewards individual expression but also rewards selfless collaboration; it is forever changing, but nearly always rooted in the blues; it has a rich tradition and its own rules, but it is brand new every night.  It is about just making a living and taking terrible risks, and losing everything and finding love.” Hope to see you on the porch!

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