Amplify Austin This Weekend, March 5th-6th!!!

Ahoy, Front Porchers!

If you’ve been around The Front Porch at all these past few weeks, chances are you’ve witnessed some pretty spectacular stuff. In January, we met Michael Morton, who showed us his take on humanity and forgiveness. Christine Albert and Pittman McGehee have joined us for Parable, and Sam Baker will be on our Unplugged stage on March 19th, the next in a long line of Austin’s best musicians and storytellers. As we continue to host incredible conversations in the heart of Austin, we feel so privileged and honored by the support given us by our friends and fellow dialogue-seekers in order to follow our mission. None of this would be possible without the support of all of you.

amplifylogoAt the end of this week, Amplify Austin will challenge the people of Austin to pour $7,000,000 into local nonprofits, all in just one 24-hour period. Over 500 nonprofits are expected to participate, and we will be just one in a multitude of incredible stories found on Amplify’s webpage. The giving will start at 6:00 PM on Thursday, March 5th, and continue until 6:00 PM on Friday, March 6th. Last year, Amplify Austin was able to raise over $8.5 million dollars for Austin-area nonprofits. If you can, please support The Front Porch at our Amplify page and help contribute on this day of astounding generosity in our Austin community.

In order to celebrate and raise awareness for Amplify Austin, The Front Porch will be hosting an Ampify Watch Party. Teaming up with and featuring another local nonprofit, Truth Be Told, who help out incarcerated women, The Front Porch will host a gathering with conversation, food, drink, and local press, in order to get folks excited about giving this Amplify weekend. The event will take place in Kinsolving Parish Hall at All Saints’ from 5:30 – 8:30 PM on Thursday, March 5th. Please join us, enjoy the free meal, and help join in the celebration.

Again, we are so thankful for the enduring support of all of our Front Porch friends and family. What a gift it is for us to spend our days planning conversations, concerts, pub-churches, lectures, film screenings, and more. We hope we’ll see you on The Front Porch soon!

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