Actually Unplugged featuring Sam Baker

Date and Time

Thursday, February 13th
7:30 PM


All Saints’ Episcopal Church
209 W. 27th St.
Austin, TX 78705


Sam-Baker-2012-21It’s not the third Thursday of the month (don’t tell anyone), but it is time for Actually Unplugged. This time, we’re honored to present Sam Baker, one of America’s great troubadours. While Sam Baker may remind you of Townes van Zandt, Guy Clark, Tom Waits, and Woody Guthrie, his musical presence radiates an authority borne of his own experiences of pain and redemption. Fresh off recording and touring for his latest album, Say Grace, he’s back in Austin. For a little more on his remarkable journey, this NPR interview investigates the stories behind his new album. His deeply personal knowledge of the anguish of the human condition is a perfect match for this Thursday, the day before Valentine’s Day.

Actually Unplugged is a collaboration between the Front Porch and the Live Music Capital Foundation. Its focus is allowing local artists to play in All Saints’ Episcopal Church, a building which follows in the tradition of acoustically breathtaking churches. By relocating music into a building where the space is the amplifier, the performers, the audience, and the place itself come together to create a singular and intimate experience.

We ask for a $10-$20 donation for the artist.

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