Autobiographies of Redemption: Bill Wigmore

Date and Time

Friday, April 4th
7:00 PM


All Saints’ Episcopal Church
209 W. 27th St.
Austin, TX 78705


For Lent this year, we’re going to do something a little different. Let us set the scene. It’s dark in the church except for the beam of a single spotlight. There’s no noise. A person steps into the lit circle and begins to tell a story. The story will be a true one, from the speaker’s own life. That will be all. No musical accompaniment. No notes. No visual aids. No gimmicks at all. Just a person and a story. Afterwards, we’ll move the gathering to Kinsolving Hall for fellowship and discussion.

bill wigmoreOur penultimate storyteller is Bill Wigmore. He is a man of apparent contrasts: Episcopal priest and CEO, friar and addiction expert. Having headed Austin Recovery and actively participated in the Christian Recovery Coalition, he has seen more despair and more redemption than just about anyone.

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