Parable with Christine Albert

Date and Time

Sunday, February 22nd
5:30 PM


Scholz Garten
1607 San Jacinto Blvd.
Ausin, TX 78701


NU_grammy1There are few artists who could describe their style as resting somewhere between, “Merle Haggard and Edith Piaf,” but Austin’s own singer-songwriter Christine Albert is certainly one of them. She even has a trio of albums, The TexaFrance Trilogy, that encapsulate the bilingual New York native’s purposeful transition into Texas culture. Albert moved to Austin in 1982 and began her career as a recording artist here in 1990. Since then, she has recorded 15 albums and opened up a recording studio, MoonHouse Records, alongside her husband, Chris Gage, who makes up the other half of the powerhouse Americana duo, Albert and Gage. Her voice, described by 3rd Coast Records as, “one of the best and purest” in Austin, has captivated our city for decades.

Albert’s lifetime career as an Austin musician has earned her numerous awards and opportunities. She has appeared on Austin City Limits, been named by the Kerrville Folk Festival as “Female Vocalist of the Year,” and co-written songs with Texas legend, Jerry Jeff Walker. She has also served on the National Board of Trustees of The Recording Academy (i.e. the GRAMMY awards) since 2007, and currently holds their top elected position, Chairman of the Board. However, her fame and accomplishment notwithstanding, perhaps the most compelling part of Christine Albert’s story lies not in her conventional musical career, but instead in her work as a music-based philanthropist here in the Austin community.

Albert first began serving the Austin community in the late 1980’s, when she co-founded a meetup organization for songwriters, Austin Songwriters Group. While ASG is certainly one of Christine’s great contributions to the our music community and still exists as a successful nonprofit in contemporary Austin, Albert found another, more unique passion just a few years later. After two distinct experiences in the early 1990’s in which she played concerts for dying men and women, Albert realized the emotional need of the terminally ill to have live music offered in their final days. Soon after, she founded an organization called Swan Songs, which she describes as a “liaison between Austin’s musicians and hospice community.” Officially granted 501(c)(3) status in 2005, Swan Songs provides a unique and powerful service to those in their final transition, and has become an important mission in Christine Albert’s life, transforming and forever connecting the lives of musicians and families in our community.

Her career as an artist and as a philanthropist sets Christine Albert apart as a distinct and influential voice in our city. She also has the warmest of hearts, and we know that will shine through in John Burnett’s interview. Come join Steve Kinney, John Burnett, Dave Madden, and The Front Porch in welcoming Christine at Scholz Garten on February 22nd for our second Parable gathering this month!








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