Pub Church: Money Talks, Pt. 1 w/ Dr. Steven Tomlinson & Olivia Quillio

Date and Time

Sunday, April 15th
5:30 PM


Parish Hall, Episcopal Church of the Resurrection
2008 Justin Ln.
Austin, Texas 78757


Money is one of the most powerful forces in the Western world. Few symbols weigh as heavily as our dollars do, and even fewer appear as frequently in our daily lives. Our culture honors money and teaches us to love it and fear its power. In some sense, it’s no exaggeration to say that we worship money — in word and deed — without realizing what we’re up to.

Thus, the time is ripe to have a Front Porch series about an inconvenient question: is money our god? What sort of power does money have? What sort of god is it? How might we test its claim on our hearts and minds?

In our first two sessions, economist, theologian and playwright, Dr. Steven Tomlinson, will help us explore the tough questions. We can’t think of anyone better than Steven — who teaches at the Seminary of the Southwest and advises Wall Street leaders — to kick off this series. Then, on April 29th, another SSW professor, Dr. Scott Bader-Saye, will be joined by musician Justin Stewart to deepen the conversation by showing how the fear of losing money drives our decisions. On May 6th, Dr. John Price, with artist Justin Stewart,  will explore money and sex. Our series concludes May 13th with the legendary Eliza Gilkyson, who will perform and be interviewed by NPR’s John Burnett to discuss money and social justice. 

Steven Tomlinson, Ph.D., coaches Wall Street, Fortune 500 and high-tech start up executives and managers. He is a Founding Master Teacher at the Acton School of Business for Entrepreneurship. He taught economics and finance at The University of Texas at Austin where he designed and directed the MBA professional development program. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Ministry at the Seminary of the Southwest and an accomplished playwright and performer. His award-winning solo shows have been produced in Austin and off-Broadway.

Our musician for this first round will be Olivia Quillio. From her Spotify account: “Austin, TX based singer-songwriter Olivia Quillio creates songs that feel at once raw and luminous. Taking influence from folk, jazz, and soul, Quillio has been praised for her “commendable lyrical guile,” “refreshingly honest” music, and passionate, intimate live performances.” She astounded us at the SXPortA event and we’re thrilled that she’s back to meet our pub church regulars!


Of course, an evening at pub church always includes food, drink, live music, and a radically open communion table, and this round is no exception. So, join us at 2008 Justin Ln. on five consecutive Sundays (April 15-May 13) at 5:30 PM as Strange Land Brewery and Home Cooked Fridays transform the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection Parish Hall (2008 Justin Ln.) into a bustling pub for your enjoyment. Donations help with each evening’s music and food costs and help sustain The Front Porch.


This will be one of our most dynamic series yet, but only if YOU show up. Don’t miss it, Porchers!

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