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Porch Time in November

Back in the days before Google conquered the earth and enslaved its people, families would sit on their front porches in the evenings and discuss the news of the day. Wandering neighbors and strangers would join those conversations and the strangers became new friends. The internet keeps us connected 24/7. But are Facebook updates and 140-character tweets really an acceptable replacement for face-to-face conversation? Margaret Mead was a cultural anthropologist …read more

It’s Time to Get Back on the Porch!

While we’re still grieving the loss of our dear friend and Front Porch associate, Riley Jackson Webb, we’re confident that Riley would LOVE our upcoming fall season. And so…the Front Porch is proud and excited to announce the return of Pub Church at Scholz Garten on October 6th! It will be so fine to be back together with the beloved community–those curious, open, and eager to reconnect through art, music, …read more

Practical Hope for Widespread Malaise

Dear Friends and Partners of The Front Porch, I’ve been watching the documentary, “World War 2: The Price of Empire.” As a student of this war, with a Dad who participated in it, WW2 has always been a terrible, but romanticized part of the fabric of my life. But through this 2015 documentary, I now find myself waking up to the horrifying fact that an estimated 70-85 million people perished …read more