It’s Time to Get Back on the Porch!

It’s time to get talking on the Front Porch again

While we’re still grieving the loss of our dear friend and Front Porch associate, Riley Jackson Webb, we’re confident that Riley would LOVE our upcoming fall season. And so…the Front Porch is proud and excited to announce the return of Pub Church at Scholz Garten on October 6th! It will be so fine to be back together with the beloved community–those curious, open, and eager to reconnect through art, music, questioning, and communion with so many different others!

On October 6th, we’re hosting Robert Harrison of Cotton Mather renown to talk about his life quest as a human being through the perennial wisdom of China, particularly the I Ching Book of Changes. Robert has written and will play some amazing songs that interpret this uncanny wisdom in a way that will excite and inspire new ways of thinking about our quest to partner with God and each other for common good, across all the usual divides.

This inaugural Pub Church reunion launches us into the fall season! And it’s a great season with some amazing people who will inspire us to engage in conversation and dialogue about living more loving lives. Here is the line-up for the rest of October (check details in our Calendar):

+ October 13: Pub Church with theologian Tony Baker with Dave Madden

+ October 20: Unplugged on Front Porch concert with Carrie Newcomer

On any good front porch worth its salt, a spirit of compassion, humor, openness, and honesty prevails. These are the conditions for the kind of dialogue that builds community and inspires friendships across our cultural, political, and religious differences. Yet traditional front porches in our culture are disappearing. Our apps and social media remind us only of our own beliefs and allow us to ignore or dismiss those of the other. That’s what we’re up against. Let’s ditch our screens and start the edifying conversations. Hope to see you on the porch!

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