The students of Loro Primary School in Loro, Uganda need shoes and menstrual pads.

It is the unique privilege of our Youth Service Corps to raise the money to buy them.

Love For Loro

Love For Loro, The Front Porch, Loro, Uganda, Edward Abili, BATA shoes, Afripads

Most children in Loro lack necessities we think of as basic: shoes, healthcare, access to sanitation, regular meals, and much more. Our initial effort to support them will focus on providing shoes and feminine care.

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If you wish to make a one-time donation by credit card, please email Riley Webb at He or a Window participant will call you as soon possible to accept your gift. Thank you!

About the village of Loro and the Loro Primary School

Loro is a rural village located about 250km from the Ugandan capital of Kampala. Its primary school serves some 1600 students. The majority live in poverty.

Why Loro?

Thanks to Window Team Leader, Edward Abili, we have a personal connection to the village: he grew up in Uganda, and his parents are on the ground in Loro, working directly with the school on our behalf. We feel like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to offer aid to our friends across the world!

Goal: $35,000

Need 1: Shoes    Goal: $30,000  (a pair of hard-rubber shoes for each student in the school) 

Many of the children attending the Loro Primary School have no proper shoes at all, despite often walking upwards of five miles to get to class every day. Ugandan Children are susceptible to jiggers and other parasites that cause pain, infection and difficulty walking which results in school absence. To help combat this huge issue, we’ll be raising funds to get a fitting pair of hard-rubber, closed-toed shoes for each student at the school.

Need 2: Feminine Care  Goal: $5,000 (a kit for each girl in the school)  

At $5 each, Afripads provides feminine pads to African girls that last an entire year. Since 1 out of 10 African girls skip a week of school a month or drop out of school entirely due to a lack of menstrual products, this is a simple solution to a complicated problem.

 How will we raise the money?

Teens from all over Austin will join this collective effort. Participants will go door-to-door, sit in public spaces, hold fundraisers–whatever they can do to raise their portion! Each group or individual will set a goal and attempt to reach it by the end of July. We will provide helpful materials, such as facts about Loro, pictures of the kids and the school, a sample fundraising pitch, and envelopes for collecting money. For details, please pick up a fundraising packet at All Saints’ Episcopal Church.

In addition to the gift of giving back, all participants will have the option to become pen-pals with a student from Loro via an address exchange program. If the program is successful and evolves into future projects, participants can also expect to be invited to join in a full-on mission trip to Loro to see the work we’ve accomplished thus far (2018).

As always with initiatives on The Window, all hours students work on this project will count toward community service requirements.