Meet Riley Webb on the Front Porch

Hi, folks!

Some of you may know me, and I’m sure many of you do not, but my name is Riley Webb, and I’ve been working on The Front Porch since July 2014.

Growing up the son of educators in unique Fredericksburg, Texas, I was formed in a close-knit community that placed unique emphases on art and storytelling, and found early in life passions for acting, reading, writing, and playing music. I followed these same passions for storytelling, art and the human connection to Southwestern University, where I enrolled as an English major in 2009.

Out of the Fredericksbur395584_2927287867998_289977874_ng bubble, Dostoyevsky, Dickens, Foucault, and hundreds of others opened up a world of ideas. Chipping away at my somewhat provincial perspective, I began to explore the nature of chance human interaction and how agency depends on the dialogues we engage with those around us. This idea—that community is shaped through conversation— opened up my outlook at Southwestern, and gave me the freedom to enter more confidently the world of difference. My undergraduate thesis explored how improvisation in jazz music builds dialogically-based community amongst musicians and audiences, and these ideas about the significance of simple interactions between people continued to occupy my mind as I prepared for life after college.

By the time I graduated, life had become more mysterious. Hungry for things spiritual and intellectual, I moved to Austin with no real plan. I followed my gut and sniffed out a job as a Segway tour guide. This gig of gliding through Austin with strangers-in-tow provides me with endless chances to explore my love of human interaction. But soon, just a year into my life as a Segway man, I was pleasantly interrupted with an opportunity to work on The Front Porch, and I’ve been here ever since.

It’s both fun and stimulating to hang out on The Front Porch and engage so many creative, interesting people on a daily basis. This world that welcomes otherness and celebrates difference inherently allows for constructive community through those same defining features. I am so grateful for the opportunity given me by Steve, our amazing Board of Directors, and all of you who play a role in this inspiring nonprofit. And the message of God’s mysterious role in our ability to impact one anothers’ perceptions through dialogue intrigues me. That’s what keeps me coming back every day for more!

I look forward to getting to know so many new faces as we all sit together on The Front Porch and learn from new perspectives. Don’t be shy if you see me around– introduce yourself! I hope to see you all soon!

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  1. Mary Jo Brooker says:

    Riley, I am so proud of you. I know you will continue to be the best you can. Love and Prayers. Mrs. Brooker

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