The Apocalypse: September 25

apocalypseEvery day, more people claim to see evidence that the end times are upon us. Doomsday preppers readying survival shelters and gear in anticipation of a violent and large-scale overthrow of society; discoveries about the nature of things, on galactic and subatomic scales, only reaffirm our frailty; a surge in interest in zombies and the supernatural indicates that we, as a culture, are anxious. It’s enough to make anyone look for answers.

The Apocalypse series will draw these anxieties into the open and engage them through intelligent discussion with a panel of experts whose areas of knowledge range from the Book of Revelation to the fall of the great empires past to the great environmental uncertainties to come. Join us in listening and talking about what this obsession with the apocalypse means and help us engage it and harness its force into something creative and sustainable.

The first event will feature Dr. Jane Patterson discussing the Book of Revelation in its context as a historical and socioeconomic document from first-century Asia Minor, and discussing its modern implications. The second event will feature Dr. Samuel J. Wilson and KUT’s Ben Philpott conversing about the fall of a major civilization, and talking about the conditions and results for that fall pertinent to the contemporary political climate. The third event will be a showing of the movie Fresh, followed by a moderated discussion about environmentalism and stewardship.


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