The Window Logo jpgSince 2015, The Window has offered an innovative approach to youth ministry– one based entirely in community outreach, education and service to the Other. Pairing up with Austin’s top outreach organizations in an array of carefully devised scenarios throughout the school year, we provide opportunities for middle school and high school students alike to go out and earn their already required Community Service hours, with the added twist of looking at these moments through the unique lens of the Front Porch ethos, which asks us to honor every voice–especially those with a different perspective. This idea demonstrates precisely why we think a service-based youth program works: going out of our comfort zones and into foreign territory shapes minds as dialogue with Otherness fosters transformation of the self.

If you know any organizations or individuals in need of help from a group of young folks, aged 11-18, please let us know by emailing program coordinator Riley Webb at or calling him at (936) 635-6393. You may also use this contact information to get in touch if you’re interested in volunteering to help organize or provide support to The Window.  Front_Porch_Window-1563










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