Weekly update: September 19

Hello, Front Porchers, and happy seventy-third birthday to Otis Redding. It’s busy over here on the Porch. Actually Unplugged is next Thursday, featuring Guy Forsyth. The Wednesday after that, we kick off the newest incarnation of our Elephant in the Room series; the opener will star Dr. Jane Patterson and focus on the Book of Revelation. We just had a very productive board meeting, which helped us settle a few questions we’ve been mulling over. We’ve got a lot of other things in the works, so keep checking back.


If you’ve read or seen High Fidelity, you’re familiar with the protagonist’s obsession with Top Five lists as a way to organize the chaos of his life. My father, while nowhere near as neurotic, is locally infamous for collecting and archiving his family’s and friends’ Top Tens. For example, I can email him and find out what my favorite albums were twelve years ago, which is an excellent exercise in humility. On that note, and considering the importance of music to the Front Porch’s mission, I’m interested in hearing what everyone’s top five favorite albums are. For the record, mine are Fox Confessor Brings the Flood by Neko Case, Kiko by Los Lobos, Black Eyes by the Black Eyes, Cold Roses by Ryan Adams, and Wiretap Scars by Sparta. Share your top five, or just mock mine.

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  1. Steve says:

    These were formative albums in my younger, more vulnerable years:
    Led zeppelin 2
    Pink Floyd dark side of the moon
    Marshall tucker where we all belong
    Wishbone ash argus
    Bob Dylan blood on the tracks

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